The Smart Bag provides the means to vastly improve heavy bag training. But it does introduce a training problem. Heavy bags do not normally need to "move" since they have no anatomy. But the Smart Bag does. And since the bag can not move, the Smart Bag's "body" will keep the same orientation. This increases the likelihood that someone using the Smart Bag will get into the habit of approaching and leaving in the same general pattern. Anyone who has fought knows this is not a good habit to have. Removing this problem requires that the bag be able to change its orientation to track its opponent (i.e. it needs to turn in place based on the opponent's location). However if we are going to put in the effort to provide this capability why not take it a little further and develop a general purpose mobile robot platform for the Smart Bag. This would provide something much closer to a "sparring partner" (and is technically much more of challenge then just a rotating bag). George is a proof of principal mobile robot capable of "sparring motion".

The use of the George's design and implementation package, including software, is free for non-commercial use. Commercial use is not permitted.

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Video: George in action

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