I have been a fitness enthusiast all of my adult life. This has included a variety of specific interest with the current concentration on combat sports, specifically Muay Thai. I have primarily been self-trained using a home gym. I have often found that even when I had good equipment there where "tools" that I needed to get the best possible workout. The "Fitness Pack" is a bundle of these tools. Each is a simple, single function gadget that will run on most Windows' based computers even small screen netbooks.

The bundle includes:

Elapsed Timer - a simple up-count timer with single or repeat alarming.

Fight Timer - used for any "round" based workout (i.e. shadow boxing, heavy bag etc.). Provides both conventional operation (fixed rounds, 10 second warnings etc.) and complex sessions with mixed round and/or inter-round times and additional alarms/warnings during a round.

HIIT Timer - a timer specifically designed to support high intensity interval training.

Simple Rowing Coach - combines the ability to concisely define simple or complex sessions with audio and visual cues that make training on a rower productive.

All the tools are fully functional and free. Installation is simple, just run the self extracting ZIP file. [NOTE: On Vista it is best not to place the pack within the "Program Files" folder. The profiles used in the fight timer and Rowing Coach will not be editable.] The tools will work on any Windows' computer that supports .NET 2.0 or better. They have been specially designed to fit even small screen netbooks.



More on timer and and also simple
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